Haute Wheels

What could be better than a Sunday afternoon in May with temps in the 60’s?  Why, spending said day outside with good friends enjoying the good eats of the Haute Wheels Food Truck Festival, of course…

P1000778 P1000780 P1000781 P1000782

Fortunately, we got there early and had a prime spot at the front of the line which meant we got to eat almost immediately.  If you don’t know much about the food truck craze, they are basically gourmet restaurants on wheels.  Most are run by professionally trained chefs and the food is prepared to order- hence a tricky situation when you put it in a festival situation and there are 1000 people milling about with growling bellies.  We ran into friends who got there about an hour after the gates opened, and they said the wait for some of the meals was over an hour!  Ouch- good thing the weather was perfect and the beer tent didn’t have a line!

We started with a drool worthy “Kindergartner” burger from Bernie’s Burger Bus.  I thought I’d found the best the day had to offer, but we followed that with BBQ Pork Mac and Cheese from Zilla Street Eats and the race was too close to call.  After some additional samples that were good, but not up to my now exceptionally high standards, I made my way to MMM Cupcake Truck.  Sorry, no picture here as I was too busy stuffing the yummy goodness that was the chocolate, chocolate chip cupcake with butter cream frosting into my mouth to take a pic (bad blogger).

Are you hungry yet?  If so, follow these trucks on twitter and find out where you can score your own gourmet eats on the go.


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