A slow start to the week

Clearly I had a slow start to this week as I’m just now posting Monday’s outfit and workout and it’s Wednesday-I will be better, I will be better…

To add some cheerful color to the office on a Monday, I picked this fun orange shirt purchased 2 years ago at JCrew and built my outfit from there:

P1000783 5.16.2011 outfit

Top/Sweater/Belt: JCrew – Pants: Ann Taylor – Shoes: Nine West – Bracelet: Charming Charlie

My morning workout was a cliché of the best laid plans… I usually attend Lifetime Athletic’s 5:30 spin class (taught by one of my fav instructors, Vivanne), however, overindulging at Sunday’s Haute Wheels festival and then attending a neighborhood block party were not conducive to 5am wake up calls.  After cussing myself for being lazy, I made plans with the husband to attend the evening run of the City Centre Run Club.  I thought it was their monthly yoga night (yoga after a nice 3.5 mile run sounded perfect), turns out I had my weeks confused and it was the monthly cross-fit night instead.   For those of you who are familiar with cross-fit, you’ll understand just how big a difference that is.  For those of you who don’t know cross-fit from a cross-bow, the difference is something like the difference is something like thinking you were signing up for a 5K and showing up to realize it’s a marathon.  We did a “WOD” (workout of the day): 100m sprint; 10 squats; 100m sprint; 10 burpees; Repeat 10 times.  It was a killer, but in a good way.  After the cross fit session, a group of us headed out for the club’s normal 3.5 mile loop run.  It felt good to do something after work for a change since I’m normally an AM sweat kind of girl.

daily mileage: 5.24, avg pace 8:47 (I ran from our house to the club workout then begged B to allow my sweaty self in his car for a ride home)


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