Tuesday Threads

Tuesday was all about simplicity.  I tried to keep it on trend, but still wanted something easy to get around in since I had some doctor’s appointments in the morning.  I love the 70’s flare leg jeans that are popping up all over this season.  Good thing I was ahead of the curve and snatched these up at a warehouse sale last year.  I’m fortunate that I work in a casual office- i.e. I can wear jeans any day of the week and no one would bat an eye!  I try to keep my jeans wearing to a minimum since I love the rest of my closet too, but some days, jeans just call out to me and I must obey:

5.17.2011 outfit take 2

Jeans: Hudson’s – Shirt: Ann Taylor Loft – Belt: JCrew

I usually try to take more pictures of each outfit, but I felt terrible all afternoon and didn’t manage to take pics in the morning when I felt better.  This girl needs to eat on a regular schedule (and by regular I mean ever 2.5-3 hours) and fasting for 11 hours for tests did NOT agree with me at all!  I intended to go to the office in the afternoon, but only made it as far as the couch with my iPad.  Yes, those would be the excuses reasons I’m calling Tuesday a rest day.


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  1. B says:

    I like this one lots.

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