My first qualification marathon

Happy Thursday to me–opened my email this morning to this fabulous news:

Congrats! 2012 Chevron Houston Marathon Confirmation

Congratulations! Your Qualifying Time has been confirmedand you are now registered for the 2012 Chevron Houston Marathon

Please note, your credit card has been charged and you will see a charge to MarathonGuide.comon your next credit card statement for this registration.

Click hereto learn more about the 2012 official Run for a Reason charities.

Now That You’re in the Race, It’s Time to Train!

B got his confirmation last week so I was sweating it since we registered at the same time.   Yes, B, you’re right, I’m a bit of a worry wart.  For anyone who wants to join us for the Houston fun, early registration is still open for qualified runners and the general lottery registration begins June 1.  It should be an even more fantastic atmosphere for the 2012 race than normal since the race is celebrating 40 years AND the Olympic Trials (both men’s and women’s events) are being run the day before.  Can’t wait!!


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