Three Outfit Tuesday

Since we were out of town part of the weekend, volunteering at IMTX and sleeping the rest of the weekend, I’m loading up this post with outfits from Friday, Monday and today.

Friday, we flew to MS to see our nephew graduate from high school.  I wanted an outfit that would be comfortable for traveling (and wearing for 14 hours) but still appropriate for a family cook-out and graduation ceremony.  Enter the sundress- another oh so versatile wardrobe staple that I avoided for far too long fearing I’d always be cold (people in the South tend to lean heavily on their A/Cs this time of year).  Now that I’ve learned the art of layering, my dress/skirt fears have vanished and a whole new style opportunity has opened up to me!


Dress: BCBG (bought @ Marshalls)—Bracelets: Nordstrom (multi); BR (turquoise)—Shoes: Cole Haan (outlet)—Jacket: Halogen (Nordstrom)

Monday morning I actually went to the gym which means I was of course running late for work (thankfully I don’t have a specified time to be at the office, but I still like to get there at a reasonable hour).  Running late means lack of pics- and lack of creativity on the outfit front.  The heat and humidity have taken up permanent residence for the summer, so I wanted something that would be cool enough for walking back and forth to the car and still professional and warm enough for a well air conditioned office.  I opted to go with my favorite brand—just call me JCrew (links are to similar items when possible- I shop sales so items often aren’t still available online- sorry!):

5.23.2011Shirt/Skirt/Scarf (worn as a belt)/Jewelry: JCrew (seriously, they should pay me for this much advertising in one day!)—Shoes: Me Too (have you ever tried on a pair of these?  if not, do it NOW!)

That brings us to today, Tuesday, and once again, I can’t go without supporting my favorite store, JCrew.  One of my favorite parts of summer is white jeans!  Seriously, I think I’m obsessed!  I have to remind myself not to wear them every day.  Since I’ve been pretty good about mixing it up lately, I decided white jeans were in order today.   I love the nautical feel of this outfit without being too over the top so it feels costume like.  You can also tell that I had a little more time this morning so you get more than one pic.  Even Luke (the dog) decided he wanted to be introduced to blog world (really he just wanted to get in the chair with me and I’m telling him “no” under my breath).

5.24.2011_3   5.24.2011_1. 5.24.2011_2

Shirt (similar here and here)/Jacket/Belt: JCrew—Jeans: 7 for all Mankind (Macy’s– sometimes you can get a coupon to work on their premium denim, major score!)—Shoes: Ann Taylor Loft (really old- they’ve been resoled at least once)

One of these days, I’ll research my outfits enough to get great links for you like J does- seriously she’s the master of budget friendly deals!  Until then, please bear with me and just know that if I don’t link to an item, it’s probably because I bought it several years ago and can’t find it anymore—does that mean I shouldn’t be wearing it??

So, what’s your favorite place to shop and why?


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  1. B says:

    Monday is a personal fave.

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