Working it out

After sitting out last year’s tri season, it’s back in the saddle for me this year.  So far, I only have a couple of sprint distance races on my horizon, but if I can get back into the swing of training, I’m eyeing another 1/2 Ironman in the fall.  After volunteering with HRTC at the Ironman TX on Saturday, I was truly inspired- not to go that far, yet, but it actually made me consider it which is the first time that’s ever happened!  For this season, I think my 2 biggest challenges in the quest to return to distance tris will be figuring out a good swim schedule and fighting the heat and humidity that will be sticking (literally and figuratively) around until at least October.

Since we traveled on Friday, I missed my swim workout last week.  I thought about making it up on Sunday, but decided to hit a yoga class instead since my favorite instructor was teaching.  Unfortunately, the instructor wasn’t there– it was a sub.  Oh well, I still got a bit of a stretch even though I didn’t really get the sweat/heart rate increase I was craving.

Monday morning I was still riding my motivation high and headed to spin (60 min sprint interval class) followed by a quick mile run (because as a triathlete, you should run after every bike session) and some stretching and core work.  As the over achiever I am, I also met up with the City Centre Run Club in the evening for their 3.4 mile loop.  That coupled with the mile from the AM and the 1.9 I ran to get to the run club gave me 6.2 for the day- my highest mileage day since the marathon.  Geesh, it’s time to get back out there!!  AM Mile: 8:47 pace; PM: 5.24miles/ 8:30 avg. pace.  My quads were screaming by the end of the run, but it felt good to get semi-serious again.  Let’s see what the rest of the week brings…


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