Technology Challenged Thursday

As you know, I love Thursdays because it’s the day of my favorite lunchtime yoga class.  I briefly thought about going to the gym in the morning to swim, but decided that was overachieving and no one likes an overachiever!  I settled for picking up a little around the house before heading to the office.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been watching the cropped/skimmer pant trend with a wary eye.  Let’s face it, not everyone can pull off pants that cut off your leg line ¾ of the way down.  After avoiding anything close to a skimmer pant for years (B doesn’t like them either), I caved and bought these “minnies” at JCrew.  I think the slimmer leg of this style is much more flattering than a traditional crop pant which tends to make me look short and squatty.  On the top, I’m loving all the lace this spring/summer!  Such a great feminine look- and an easy way to dress up even simple jeans (expect that pairing soon!).

Shell: Target
Pants: JCrew
Belt: Target (old- I need a new one)
Shoes: Enzo Angiolini (Marshalls)

Although I loved my outfit, the rest of my Thursday was a complete trainwreck!  My laptop (work computer) crashed and burned while updating my iPad effectively taking out both devices for the rest of the day.  An emergency trip to the mall for a Genius Bar appointment restored the operating system to the iPad so I’m back in business there.

Check out the temp yesterday afternoon- we set a record!

Unfortunately, the remedy for the laptop was not so simple.  Our IT guru has to reimage it which means I get an inadvertent 4 day weekend.  I decided the only solution to a completely wasted/frustrating day was comfort food:

Shrimp tacos and homemade margaritas—ah, sing with me now, “every little thing’s, gonna be alright”


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One Response to Technology Challenged Thursday

  1. B says:

    Who made you tacos? Nice guy.

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