Weekend In Review

The short and sweet version: stayed up too late, hung out by the pool, spent time with friends- perfection!

Saturday morning I actually slept in (trust me, this is completely out of the ordinary for me) and didn’t get out for my run until almost 9am.  I really wanted to get back into the double digits with this run, but the temperature and humidity were not cooperating.


B was a good sport and humored me until we got to the 8 mile (4 mile mark) turn around and easily convinced me it was time to go home (it might have even been my idea at that point).  The solution for a miserably hot run?

P1000868 P1000867

After cooling off for a bit in the pool, we showered and set off for typical Saturday errands

P1000877 P1000876

Bikes to the shop, Costco and the grocery to stock the house for our Memorial Day cookout (B is the king of the grill and stayed up almost all night Sunday smoking brisket—the ribs don’t take as long so they got cooked on Monday morning).


Brisket pre-seasoning and cooking

smoker fire

Fire in the smoker after burning all night smoking the brisket.  This is what it looks like when he is ready to put the ribs on…delicious!  Sorry, no pics of the finished product since I was too busy stuffing my face to pick up the camera.  I did manage to get this pic of a little one who thought my dark chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting were so good you shouldn’t waste time removing the paper.  Hey, Janae, you can relate, right?


Hope y’all had a fabulous Memorial Day—special thanks to those who sacrifice and have sacrificed for our freedom- it’s never truly free!


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