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Tie Dye Thursday

Maybe I should just rename Thursday “White Jeans Day”.  Like I’ve said a million times, this girl loves her white jeans and isn’t afraid to wear them all the time. Anyway, I might have said this before when I’ve worn … Continue reading

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Wednesday Recap

Unfortunately, some work deadlines have kept me away from the blog world much of this week, but I’m back now to catch you up on this week’s outfits.  I strayed a little from the challenge this week, but that’s one … Continue reading

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Hats off to Sunday

How do you accessorize a dress with a non-removable self belt?  Why, with a hat of course.  In an effort to prove the British aren’t the only ones who can wear hats to all occasions, I donned one Sunday morning … Continue reading

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This is how I roll…

…when what I really want to do is roll over and go back to sleep. Warning, self deprecating, borderline whiney post ahead. I almost didn’t post these pictures today.  They are terrible, I know, but they are also the only … Continue reading

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Wednesday Confessional

Confession time: I’m participating in Kendi’s latest 30×30 challenge (click on “The List” at the bottom of the challenge description to see a list of all the lovelies participating this go-round)!  Have I been hiding this fact, not intentionally, I’m … Continue reading

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Double down Tuesday

Tuesday morning, I hit the pool for a swim workout before work.  When I manage to swim before work, it means getting ready at the gym to save a little time.  Good grief it takes a lot of stuff to … Continue reading

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Quick ways to my heart

B learned long ago that there are a few very simple things he can do to ensure he stays in my good graces.  On Monday evening, he did several of them all in one night.  I have no idea what … Continue reading

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