Four Thing Friday

Fair warning, this post is long- grab a snack:
1.  On the home front:
After a year in our new house, I’m happy to report that pools don’t actually require tons of maintenance if you just keep the chemicals balanced (even less if the pine needles from our neighbors tree would quit clogging our skimmers)

2.  Food favorites:
It’s barely June and we’ve already had almost a solid week with temperatures over 100- that means breakfast needs to seriously cool me off while filling me up after morning workouts.  Enter the smoothie

3.  A glimpse of work:
As an accountant, I couldn’t live without my 10 key and since we’re a partially virtual company, the phone is both my friend and enemy.  I also have enough electronic devices on my desk to cause a nuclear meltdown.

4.  Training/Racing:
I’ve slacked a little on this lately, but I have enjoyed easing my way back into cross-training and trying to incorporate some weights and yoga into my routine.  There are so many fall races I’d love to do, but the fact is it’s just too flippin’ hot here to train for longer (running) distances.  That being said, here’s what’s currently on my schedule:

Jeff and Brede’s Triathlon– July 10th (sprint distance).  This is the biggest fundraiser for my local tri club so I’m excited to participate again this year.
Clear Lake International Tri– August 27th (Olympic distance).  I try to always support local races on Saturdays.  It’s so hard to balance racing and church so I really appreciate it when races respect Sundays and have events on Saturdays.
Houston Half Marathon and Relay– October 23rd– this is the first race in the Houston Marathon warm-up series and given that one of the sponsors is local brewery, Saint Arnold, it’s a no-brainer for B and I.
Oilman Texas Triathlon– November 6th (1/2 Ironman- tentative).  I did this race in 2009 and really liked the small field and race course.  I just found out several people I know are participating this year so I’m even more convinced I’ll bite the bullet and sign up.
SugarLand Finish Line Sports 30K– December 11th– this is the 3rd race in the Houston Marathon Warm-up Series.  I don’t like the triple loop course, but having aid stations for a long run was a huge bonus last year.
Chevron Houston Marathon– January 15, 2012.  This will be B and I’s 3rd year to run, but I think I’m most excited about volunteering at the Olympic Trials the day before- those peeps are crazy fast!!  If you’re interested in this race (fast, flat, typically decent weather), the lottery is open until June 23rd.

I still feel like I need another tri in September to keep me sharp…hmm, suggestions?  I’d also like to do the Vegas RNR in December for a little Blogger Conference, but not sure that’s in the cards this year.

What’s your favorite summer meal?  Any amazing races I need to consider for rest of 2010?


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