Weekend Review

I’d like to implement a weekend work week and a work-week weekend policy.  Seriously, who’s with me?

This weekend was low-key involving a little date-night movie on Friday, some double digits on the trail Saturday morning and my summer favorite, Sunday “sun” day.  The hubs, B, was out of town most of last week and we had a visitor this weekend (hi Mom!) so we made Friday night our date night.  Given that B’s flight left Philly at 5:30am eastern, we opted for the old people 6:40p movie.  I had an expiring Living Social deal we used (2 movie tickets for $9) and saw Thor.  It was good- not knock my socks off, I’m still talking about it good, but worth the trip to the theater.

P1000907 This is what I started out wearing, but once I knew our destination was the movies, I changed into jeans since I always freeze in theaters.  Sorry, no pic of that outfit (bad blogger) yet, but I’ll take one the next time I put it on (yes, I re-wear!).

Saturday morning we were determined to get up and run early before the oppressive 100 temps settled in for the day.  After a 5am alarm, we headed out to meet the City Centre/Lifetime Fitness run clubs, but it seems no one else made the same decision.  Good thing B and I are familiar with the area and set out for our favorite trail, The Terry Hershey.  We set smaller goals throughout the run and managed to stick with it through 10 miles.  Welcome back double digits, I’ve missed you!  It was a good run at a decent pace considering the weather and our lack of longer runs lately.  10 miles/1:28:15/8:48 pace

P1000913 Drying off the running goods after 10 extremely sweaty miles.

I’ve really grown to love my Sunday routine.  Church followed by lunch and reading by the pool– Perfection!  This Sunday was no exception although the reading “by” the pool didn’t last long- it turned into reading IN the pool since it was so flippin’ hot.  Seriously, it was 104 on the thermometer.

P1000915 (yes, our landscape needs help- not to mention several inches of rain.  add it to our ever-growing list of home improvement projects)

The good news is that we did get the tiniest bit of rain later in the afternoon (but not before our neighbor and his son brought over their remote controlled boats to race—I couldn’t tell who was having more fun, the boy or his dad!)



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