Pint size motivation

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a post up yesterday as I was too busy watching some seriously funny/awesome/inspiring/speedy munchkins racing in a neighborhood swim meet.  Seriously, watching them totally motivated me to get up this morning and hit the pool (which I did–see below, way below).

Monday is double day- 5:30am spin class (my favorite instructor is on vacation-how dare she!).  The workout was endurance so we stayed in Zone 3 most of the workout moving between the upper and lower ranges of that zone and sometimes recovering back to zone 2.  After the class, I did some core work (alphabet planks using a ball- ouch!) and stretching before heading home to shower, eat and get to the office.

Monday evenings are City Centre Run Club runs (weekly 3.5 miler).  I typically run to the group starting point and then ride home with B.  B had a work dinner so I was solo and planning to run both to the run and back home for some extra mileage.  Enter the neighborhood swim meet- when my neighbor “casually mentioned” the meet, I knew I need to make an effort to be there.  Not one to miss a social opportunity nor a workout, I modified my run plans and drove to the group run, ran, drove home then ran to the swim meet.  How was the run?? HOT!!!  Really hot.  I might try to download my route and post it so you can appreciate my zigzagged path between patches of shade.
4.5 miles/37:09/8:20 pace

Today will be another double since I finally made it to the pool in the AM!  Tonight, I’ll meet the LTF run club for a track workout, but I’ll save that for another post once it’s done.  Here’s my swim for the day:

Warm up: 600m
Main Set:
300 (negative split by 150)
200 pull
300 (build by 100)
200 pull
300 (50 easy/50 fast)
200 pull
6 x 100 kick (free/other by 100)
9 x 25 (1 with 2-3 breaths; 1 easy; 1 sprint x 3)
Cool down: 75 easy
Total: 3000m in ~70 minutes

It feels good to get back in the pool for some decent workouts, but my arms were definitely talking to cursing me by the end.  You’ve got to restart somewhere, right?

So I’m curious, especially for your triathletes out there, what’s your weekly workout schedule?  Do you still manage to fit in weight training (it’s my goal- see I’m putting it here, you can hold me accountable)?


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