Old school revisited

Happy Monday! (ok, that’s my one attempt to be ridiculously cheerful about a Monday- I tried it once, it wasn’t worth it, it won’t happen again- please keep reading)

After a good, but busy weekend, including a Sunday afternoon where I took a 3.5 hour power nap, it’s once again time to get back in the week day groove.  I hit the gym this morning for spin class followed with some core work and stretching.  Today’s spin was speed play and let’s just say my legs weren’t up for playing.  After pedaling my heart out on Saturday’s group ride in a futile attempt to not get dropped, my legs were not happy about being asked to go fast again.  Of course, I really have no room to complain.  Have you seen how Emily sweated this weekend??  That girl’s is a rock star (and she followed it up with a race on Sunday- geesh, I’m a totally slack by comparison)!

For today’s outfit, I really wanted to wear this black dress I’ve had forever (it was a major score for $20 at JCrew one year), but it’s strapless.  Yes, I work in an extremely casual office, but I think strapless might be pushing it.  So, even though it was 93 as I was driving to the office at 8:45am, I covered up with my trusty jean jacket.  I like this look both with and without the jacket and really enjoy trying to use dresses like this one in unexpected ways (i.e. I used to only consider this dress for evening events, but the addition of the rope belt and espadrille wedges toned it down to make it perfect for everyday).

06.20.2011 outfit_2 sunny 06.20.2011 outfit_1

Please excuse the sunlight “glow” in the jacket picture- it was a little later than normal so the sun was a bit higher than is ideal for picture taking.  Oh well, we’ll call it a special effect and move on.


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One Response to Old school revisited

  1. Totally loving this combination of turquoise and black! 20$ JCrew find? Sort of super awesome.

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