Double down Tuesday

Tuesday morning, I hit the pool for a swim workout before work.  When I manage to swim before work, it means getting ready at the gym to save a little time.  Good grief it takes a lot of stuff to get me ready in the mornings!  The swim set was made up on the fly- I brought one with me, but once I finished my warm up I knew I wasn’t feeling the planned workout so, inspired by Meghann and Courtney, I opted for a pyramid style workout instead.

Warm Up: 600 swim
Main Set:
100 IM
200 Kick
300 negative split by 150
400 (50 easy, 50 fast)
500 pull
400 (50 easy, 50 fast)
300 negative split by 150
200 kick
100 IM (although I drilled the fly on this one)
Total: 3100 in 1:05 (ish)

I’m really struggling with finding some speed in the water lately.  My overall time is decent, but there’s little difference between my easy and fast paces.  I feel like I’m putting forth more effort, but the clock doesn’t reflect that feel.  I think I need to get someone to watch my stoke and help me figure out what to tweak (other than my neck which did happen yesterday, but thankfully it was an easy fix with our massager).

Tuesday evening, after much debate and battling our inner laziness, B and I made it to the track for some speed work.  I’m having a little trouble getting my Garmin to download right now, but I’ve estimated our paces below in the workout.

3xs 300 I (7-7:15/mile), 100 jog, 200 I (6:50-7/mile), 100 jog, 100 I (6:30-6:40/mile), 100 jog

Our total run distance was ~3.2 miles which included our warm up and cool down (can you really call it a cool down with the temp was 100?).  I had hoped to get a few more easy miles in, but it was really hot and B and I decided to run again on Wednesday morning so I knew I’d get some miles in then.  A quick sponge bath and wardrobe change, and I was off to meet the girls for some food and fellowship (sorry, no pics- everyone was dressed adorably, and I looked like a drowned rat so I avoided cameras).


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