Wednesday Confessional

Confession time: I’m participating in Kendi’s latest 30×30 challenge (click on “The List” at the bottom of the challenge description to see a list of all the lovelies participating this go-round)!  Have I been hiding this fact, not intentionally, I’m just slow on the posts lately and wanted to make it a good one.  Since the likelihood of that happening anytime before the challenge is over is looking smaller and smaller, I decided to just out myself here and now.  Once and for all.

I decided to participate this time because I like a good challenge- and I also like being able to make up my own rules to challenges (and my pocketbook needs a break from J Crew)!  And that my friends brings me to my 2nd confession- I still haven’t picked all 30 of my items.  I’m close- with 26 (or 27- need to go back and recount), but still playing it by ear on a few items.

That being said, here’s Tuesday and Wednesday’s outfits.

This, folks, is there I’m taking some creative liberty with the 30×30 rules- this pink rain jacket isn’t in my official item count.  You see, until today, it hadn’t rained in Houston for 148 days, and while it is raining today, it’s not expected to continue.  I pictured the outfit (which I still love) without the jacket for authenticity sake in the challenge.  (The rain is also why I had to take pictures inside- while I wanted to just dance around in the glorious water falling from the sky, I exercised some self control and kept it clean- and dry.)


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