Wednesday Recap

Unfortunately, some work deadlines have kept me away from the blog world much of this week, but I’m back now to catch you up on this week’s outfits.  I strayed a little from the challenge this week, but that’s one of the reasons I wanted to give 30×30 a go this time- relaxed rules and go at your own pace.  I still have lots of ideas for my 30 27 items, but frankly, although I did laundry this weekend, I didn’t iron.

Monday- I’ve been loving bright orange shades lately, and my green clothes are a little jealous so Monday I decided to show this little cardi some love.  Not sure if I’ve mentioned it here before, but our office has been having some serious A/C issues lately so dressing “business casual” while trying not to sweat all day has been a bit of a challenge.  I’m happy to report those issues seem to have been resolved so be on the lookout for more use of my summer cardi/jacket collection! (Happy dance!)

6.27.2011 outfit_2 6.27.2011 outfit_1

Cardi- Halogen (Nordstrom Rack); Tank (Jessica Simpson/Marshalls); Pants (Ann Taylor); belt (J Crew)

Tuesday- This is the fabulous maxi skirt I scored for over 50% off at Banana Republic.  It’s so light weight yet looks so polished and put together- LOVE!  (True story: I was running errands at lunch on Tuesday and overheard a couple of people discussing my skirt- must be a winner!)  I really love the look of this skirt with the basic tank top and classic jean jacket.  I can see this outfit becoming one of my go-to outfits for the rest of the summer.

6.28.2011 outfit_2JPG  6.28.2011 outfit_1

Jacket (Gap outlet); Tank top + pearl bracelet (JCrew); Skirt + bangle (Banana Republic); Earrings (Stella+Dot)

Wednesday- After 2 days of cheating off, I was inspired to get back to the challenge at hand.  I was blown away by the love for my first styling of this shirt and can only hope this version lives up to the hype!  After having lived in neutrals for so long, I’m really coming to appreciate color in my wardrobe.  And you have to make sure you check out the shoes—LOVE Me Too shoes.  They are the most comfortable shoes ever and still stylish- win-win!

6.29.2011 outfit 2 6.29.2011 outfit 1

Shirt + skirt + bracelets (JCrew); Belt (Anthropologie); shoes (Me Too/Nordstrom)

I’ve been a complete workout disaster this week (I’m still blaming the cough I got last week), but am hoping this evening and tomorrow bring marked improvements to my motivation.  I’m also working on my training/race plans for the rest of the summer/fall so I’ll post those soon.

Happy Wednesday!


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One Response to Wednesday Recap

  1. Jenny Mahne says:

    That maxi skirt is gorgeous and looks like it is as comfy as spending a day in your PJs! Love!

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