Tie Dye Thursday

Maybe I should just rename Thursday “White Jeans Day”.  Like I’ve said a million times, this girl loves her white jeans and isn’t afraid to wear them all the time.

Anyway, I might have said this before when I’ve worn this shirt, but B reminded me that I wasn’t sure about it when I first bought it.  Now, I’m convinced it was a good purchase.  It’s a little “more” than a t-shirt, but just as comfortable and easy to wear.

6.30.2011 outift 2  6.30.2011 outift 1

Holding the wall up and then falling over- that’s how I roll people, that’s how I roll.

Shirt (MK- RueLala); Jeans + jewelry (JCrew); Shoes (Chinese Laundry- seen them lots of places, but got mine last year)

Another reason I like this outfit?  It’s easy to wear (no tucking, belting, etc), but the shoes make it look completely pulled together and trendy.

6.30.2011 shoes


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One Response to Tie Dye Thursday

  1. lindsay says:

    you are so stylish and creative. Love that!

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