And the thunder rolls

REJOICE- it’s raining in Houston, and more importantly at my house!!  No, that’s not all this post is about, but when it’s rained only twice since January, it’s cause for a serious celebration.   Just had to share!

Let’s talk workouts.  For me, the weekend was a huge milestone since I’d been in a little slump in the motivation department.  My Saturday brick and Monday long run were just what the doctor ordered to snap me back into focus.

I always say, “I really need to add strength training to my workouts,” but I always prioritize it behind cardio- not good!  Strength training is so important (not to mention it can hopefully help my legs look like they belong on a human and not a chicken.)   So far this week, I’ve not done a good job, but hopefully putting it out here will help me with accountability.

Tuesday: 2100 meter swim – opted for a quick swim since I wanted to have breakfast with my mom before she left to go home (she was in town for the weekend).  I had skipped the pool for a week so I needed to get some time trials done for an upcoming race (Sunday!).

Wednesday: 60 min spin + hips/glutes- ok the strength portion of this workout wasn’t where it needs to be, but it was a start- and let’s face it after far too long with no weights in my routine, a start is better than nothing.

Tell me, do you strength train?  How do you schedule strength workouts to best compliment your cardio training?

**Although I hit publish when I wrote this on Wednesday, it apparently did not actually publish- oops!


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