Training for training

After getting race fever again on Sunday, I’ve kept up a good workout schedule so far this week.  I actually managed to lift weights once already and plan to get another session in tomorrow morning.  So far my week in sweat has looked like this:

AM: 60 minute spin class followed by 30 minutes of upper body weights
PM: City Centre Run Club; 5.25 miles/47:23/8:54 pace

I wasn’t sure I wanted to spin this morning, but I’m glad I went- except that my husband’s joke on Sunday to my spin instructor that she wasn’t working me hard enough was announced to the whole class before she proceeded to kill us with the TDF profile ride.  Needless to say I got some evil looks from my fellow spinners.  Hey, it was a good workout, they should thank me! 🙂

AM: Track workout (we moved track workouts to the AM for the rest of summer and I want to throw a party!!!); 6.03 miles/50:03/8:19 pace
The actual track portion was:
2xs 600 @ I pace; 200 recovery between each
2xs 400 @ I+ pace; 200 recovery
6xs 200 @ R pace; 100 recovery

I was happy with my paces as I was able to keep them consistent across the sets at ~7:15 for the 600’s; 7:00 for the 400’s; and 6:50 for the 200’s.  Maybe there’s hope for my overall times after all! 🙂  It was still really hot and humid, but not having the sun beating down was a HUGE help!

AM: Spin class (only stayed for 40 minutes)+ run with a friend; 4.02 miles/38:13/9.28 pace

I was so happy to be able to meet a friend this morning and catch up while running some nice easy recovery miles.  I’ve been running (even though it’s been low mileage) every day this week so I wasn’t sure I wanted to run again this morning, but the prospect of running with a friend was too good to pass up!  I love running friends!!

I also signed up for 2 more races this week–think I’ll start an upcoming races page to keep track!  Told you the fever is back…


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2 Responses to Training for training

  1. Jenny says:

    I heard about that friend run on Wednesday… sounds like it was a good idea! 🙂 Your track workouts sound fun (I’m reminiscing to my high school track days). When I get in better shape I hope to be able to do something like that!

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