Who needs eyes

Jacket: Loft (old); Tank+Pants+belt+bracelets: JCrew; necklace: Target; flower: DYI

Wednesday I attended an international tax seminar- I know try to contain your excitement.   Attending functions in air conditioned meeting rooms is tricky as you never know if the temperature will be set at a tolerable level or if you should have worn your heavy winter coat.  I went in between with these linen pants, a sleeveless top and jacket.

Top: Nordstrom; Jeans: 7 for all Mankind (ginger); jacket: JCrew; belt: Francescas

Thursday I knew I was going to be in the office all day with no meetings other than some internal conference calls.  That, of course, meant the return of the white jeans.  I’m really loving bold colors right now so I topped the outfit with this bright yellow jacket.  Besides, bright color distract from my squinty eyes–insomnia is not my friend.

Shirt: JCrew; Skirt: Target; Jacket: Gap Outlet (old); Belt: BR; Scarf: no idea–vintage maybe?

Friday: Seeing this picture just makes me want to say “Bonjour”- seems very French for some reason- maybe it’s the scarf.  Anyway, it’s all really comfortable which proves that you can indeed wear something other than tempo shorts (not that I’m giving mine up anytime soon) and still be comfortable.  Stacey and Clinton would be so proud.  Just focus on the outfit and ignore the puffiness that consumed my eyes- they’ll come back, just give me few days…

Happy Friday everyone!!!  Anyone have big plans for the weekend??


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30-something runner, triathlete and wannabe fashionista
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