Track Tuesday

It’s Tuesday and that means track morning for this girl.  If you follow me on twitter or Daily Mile, you’ll know the the heat and humidity are relentless right now and that my run this morning felt a little like a swim.  Overall it was a good track session and I followed it up with a 2600m swim.

4x (400 + 2×200)- start with a 400 @ I pace then go slightly faster for the 200’s- use the 200 pace for the next 400 and continue the cycle increasing slightly each time.

Although I did get slightly faster, it wasn’t as dramatic as I’d hoped for, but I’ll blame the weather and just take what I can get right now.  I ran a 1 mile warm up and another 1+ cool down for a total of 5 miles.

5.27 miles/43:23/8.07 pace

500 swim/300 pull (desending by 100)/200 kick
5x 100 speed work on 2:00
250 pull
5x 100 speed work on 2:00 (ideally this would be been faster than the first set, but i couldn’t swing it)
250 pull
100 cool down (50 breast stroke/50 back)

2600 meters/56:14

Happy Tuesday morning!


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4 Responses to Track Tuesday

  1. Libby says:

    Does an hour of Pilates and an hour of water jogging/water weights count? That’s my Tuesday and Thursday workout routine. Much cooler in these triple digit temps right now. Do so admire your running 5 miles in this heat.

  2. lindsay says:

    track tuesdays are rockin. Way to nail it!

    • Thanks- I like to think these track workouts in this heat will pay huge dividends in the fall… ;). Let’s see what happens when “official” training starts next week and my legs are shredded from the bike all the time (my weakest tri leg).

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