MY Training Plan

Remember in my 7 links post when I said stick around for the controversy- I have no doubt this plan will rile at least one person.  I’m certainly open to your input and suggestions- although I’ve done this before, I’m no expert!!  The long awaited 1/2 IM training plan is here- I know you’ve been holding your breath so you can exhale now!

I started with a base plan from Triathlete magazine and tweaked things about it to fit my schedule.  I’ve been pretty good about maintaining my base fitness level since running 2 marathons earlier this year so I want to focus more on technique and speed during this training cycle.  My running is going well, my cycling is getting better, but I’ve been missing skipping lots of swim workouts.  Hopefully this will keep me more accountable.

There you have it folks.  I forgot to mention, I’m still going to try to maintain my core and weight sessions during most of this training cycle.  I just didn’t include those on the schedule- oops.  Comments, critiques, and encouragement welcome!



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4 Responses to MY Training Plan

  1. Jenny Mahne says:

    I’m exhausted and sore just looking at it. :0) Go Holly!

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