Studly bows


Shirt/skirt/Belt/Bracelets: JCrew
Shoes: ModCloth
Necklace: Target

Sometimes I like to be a little contradictory or at least maybe unexpected which is how I was feeling when I paired this studded belt with the feminine bow detail on these shoes.  The combination just felt right to me- and that’s what it’s all about- dressing so you feel good!  Pencil skirts are absolutely one of my favorite fashion trends so I’m so excited to see them sticking around in the early fall lookbooks!

What’s one of your favorite office attire trends?


About fashionablemiles

30-something runner, triathlete and wannabe fashionista
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4 Responses to Studly bows

  1. lindsay says:

    can you please come dress me?

  2. Page says:

    I found myself scrolling through your posts and then stopped when I saw those shoes….adorable!

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