Track Tuesday Plus

It’s Tuesday and that means another track workout post.  And since I didn’t post my workout yesterday, I included it (double day) below as well.

On Monday, after a lazy weekend courtesy of a rained out long ride on Saturday, I kicked myself into gear yesterday and made it to spin in the morning followed by some weights and core work and followed it in the evening with a City Centre Run Club run.

Spin: ~19.5 miles/1:03/18.5 mph pace
5.21 miles/46:30/8:55 pace

This morning’s workout seemed a little longer than most when I read it and thought about the mileage, but it flew by while actually running (except for that one lap where I thought I was going to need to visit the bushes).

10 x 400 @ I pace with 400 recovery jogs between each
7:12; 7:03; 7:10; 7:06; 7:15; 7:17; 7:09; 7:19; 7:15; 7:14
6.27 miles/52:19/8:20 pace

I was pretty happy with my paces for the 400’s as they were close to my goal (7:20 according to the Daniels formula) while being slightly under and fairly consistent.

So how do you pace your track workouts?  Do you use a set formula/pace or just run by feel?


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2 Responses to Track Tuesday Plus

  1. lindsay says:

    i kinda like 400’s. Its a mental thing. One lap is simpler. Great paces my friend!

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