Cycling Saga

Here’s the tail of my “3’s” in cycling over the past week…It’s been interesting and I’m happy to report that I’ve kept a smile throughout all of it.  Hopefully I’m over the hurdle(s) and it will be smooth cycling from here on out.

Issue 1: No Gears
It started with a little problem of not being able to change gears during my race 2 weeks ago.  A minor adjustment at the bike shop, and I was back in business with all my gears.  Cost= FREE because my bike shop DOMINATES!

Issue 2: Lost Bolt on Shoe Clip
During a Wednesday evening ride, I wasn’t able to “clip back in” after stopping for a red light.  After a couple of miles of peddling using only my toe, I cried “uncle” and stopped to check out the problem.  Minus 1 clip bolt + 1 sideways clip.  A minor adjustment to get the clip straightened back out and a clip of the shoe into the peddle before taking off- and a reminder NOT to clip out on the right side- and we were off to finish 19 miles.  Again, this was an easy fix- especially since I was getting new shoes the next day anyway.
Cost= $200 for new shoes and peddles (my choice to change the peddles)

Issue 3: Tire Explosion

Shortly after returning from Saturday’s accidental tri training session, I was in the garage and thought the car engine blew- turns out it was the front wheel on my bike.  Unfortunately, the reason for the explosion means I’ll also need to replace the rear tire before my next ride.
Cost= $85 ($170 once you add the rear tire) including tire, tube and lesson in how to change a flat (that part was free)

Although it was an unplanned, expensive weekend that probably sealed the deal on not being able to upgrade my bike this season, I’m thankful no major incidents were involved (i.e. the tire didn’t explode WHILE I was riding) and that these are the first real “repairs” I’ve had to make on my bike since purchasing it in 2007.  Hopefully the improvements will give me a sense of new on my next long ride.



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3 Responses to Cycling Saga

  1. lindsay says:

    oh the tire explosion, that always scares me! hope it all turns around soon. 🙂

    • it scared me too- especially when i think about it happening while i was on the bike- we were cruising that morning too (25+ mph at times- which is really fast for me) so it would not have ended well. so thankful it happened when it did.

  2. Sara Carolina says:

    I remember when you purchased that bike and y’all were still at the apartment! Hope you are enjoying your trip in Norway! Or maybe you just got back?

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