HIM Training Week 1

Houston, we have a problem.  There’s no water in Lake Conroe right now.  And since I don’t want to do 1.2 miles of muddy buddy prior to riding 56 and running 13.1, I haven’t registered for the event yet.  I’m not letting that stop my training though.

PLAN: 60 min bike + 60 min run (not done as a brick)

In the interest of time and safety, I opted to use a spin class as my cycling for this workout.  I’ll probably continue to do that while the time is 60 minutes.   The class was hills with some speed/tempo work built in.

I met up with the City Centre Run Club in the evening.  I ran from home to the group run and then back home a shorter way.  It was very hot, but I was happy to have a group to distract me.  I was also happy to learn that Lululemon is opening a store in City Centre!  Their community ambassadors were in town and joined our run.  I had a good time chatting with Molly and explaining to her that you do get used to the heat and humidity on some level (she’s from CA).

Bike: ~19miles/60 min/19mph
Run: 6.14miles/54 min/8:48 pace

Track + 2000m swim

Monday night after run club, I diligently got all my stuff together so I could shower and dress at the gym Tuesday morning.  I was resolved to get my workout in and still make it to the office before my 8am call.  Unfortunately, my car had other ideas.  It wouldn’t start- and since my husband was out of town, I had no alternate car to use.  Normally, I could have run to the track and back home, but since I had an early call, I knew I didn’t have time.  With the help of a neighbor I got my car repaired, but sacrificed my workout.

Car drama=unplanned rest day

60 min bike

I once again opted for spin class in order to get the ride in early in the morning.  Since I had missed my swim on Tuesday, I decided to hit the pool right after spin.  It felt great although I hit a wall about 1/2 through the swim due to no nutrition between the spin and swim.  One of these days I’ll figure it out…

Spin: ~18miles/58 min/18.6 mph
Swim: 2000m/41 min

45 min run + 2400m swim

B and I managed to get up and hit the Hershey Trail for one of our favorite routes.  My legs felt pretty good although the humidity was sucking the life out of me towards the end.  I ended up running a little longer than the plan said, but I tried to keep the pace pretty easy for the majority of the run.  I added 4x 400 tempos in the middle of the run since I had missed track earlier in the week.  I had intended to swim after work, but that didn’t happen…oops!

Run: 6.17miles/55min/8:55 pace


Since I didn’t make my swim on Thursday evening, I decided to get it done Friday.  It’s my goal to hit all my swim workouts since I’ve really been slacking on those so far this season.  I felt good in the pool after the warm up and was able to maintain my paces throughout the set.

Swim: 2400m/46min

30 miles bike

We went to a party Friday night- an awesome party which will get its own post shortly.  The moral of that story–there was no ride on Saturday.  I told myself I’d ride on my own later in the day since I knew I’d miss the group ride, but let’s face it, it’s 100 by 9am here so I didn’t get it done.  Besides, I had more important things to do Saturday evening- it’s FOOTBALL season and I had the pleasure of great seats for the Texans-Saints game.

60 min bike + 30 min run (brick)

After opting to once again sleep in due to a later night (although not nearly as late as Friday night), I knew I was going to have to brave the heat to get this workout done.  Thankfully, B agreed to join me!!

Doesn’t he look thrilled to be along for this ride?

He will be the first one to tell you he’s not a cyclist.  He rides about 3 times a year and usually only because I beg him to join me.  The fact that he came along willingly & did a brick for the first time ever is pretty impressive in my book.  We kept the pace light on the bike and stopped briefly for some shade (B actually took a little break, I kept riding to get some speed work done).  We started from our house so transitioning from bike to run was relatively painless- unless you count the flat I got pulling into our driveway.  *Dear Lord, please send rain, Amen!*

The run wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating consider we were running at 4:45pmWe tried to pick a mostly shady route with some water stops.  It was a good run and the pool felt amazing when we got back to the house.

Bike: 19miles/1:10:02/16.3mph
Run: 3.39 miles/30:05/8:52 pace

The up side of flatting?  I proved to myself I can indeed change a flat tire!  Do I want to try it during a race? HECK NO!

11 weeks to go…



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