Track Tuesday

Posting a day late, but here’s the latest and greatest in the Track Tuesday series (plus a swim now the HIM training is here).

Another hot, humid morning here in TX, but getting out there before the sun at least helps a little.  It’s also nice to have a group to meet- instant motivation and encouragment.

Track Workout:
2x 600 @ T pace with 1 min recovery (7:33; 7:27)
400 easy
6x 300 @ I pace with 2 min recovery (6:57; 7:11; 7:10; 7:06; 7:18; 7:12)
400 easy
2x 600 @ T pace with 1 min recovery (7:36; 7:30)

For my warm-up, I ran from the gym to the track- approx. 1/2 mile then did 1 lap around the track because I didn’t feel like my legs were fully warmed up yet.  For the Tempo pace sets (the 600’s), my goal was to stay around a 7:30-7:40 pace (the paces above are mile pace equivalents not actual time to do the distances) so I feel good about those.  I was a little fast in the beginning on my 300’s, but settled into the correct pace towards the end of the set.

I ran back to the gym and changed into my suit to hit the pool for a quick 2000 meter swim.

Total Run: 6.22 miles/51:52/8:21 avg

Swim Set:
400 warm up
6x 50 on 1:15 (~20 sec rest- really 25, but i didn’t feel like trying to keep up with fractions)
4x 200 on 4:00 (20 sec rest)
200 pace swim (1:45)
300 cool-down (backstroke, breast stroke and free)
Total Swim : 2000 meters in 45 minutes

I felt pretty good on the swim.  My arms were a little tight/sore from weights the day before, but nothing terrible.  My legs were also a little heavy from the track, but swimming actually helped loosen them up and flush them out.

After the swim I hustled into the shower and made it to the office earlier than I usually do- there’s something to be said for getting ready at the gym- none of the home distractions!!  All in all a good Tuesday morning!




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