Color Block Twist

Cardigan: Caslon via Nordstrom
Tank Top: Halogen via Nordstrom
Skirt+Belt+bracelet: J Crew
Shoes: Nine West (old)
Necklace+earrings: Mignon Fagot

This is my loose interpretation of color blocking.  The colors aren’t as vivid as most color blocking examples, but the semi random nature of the colors seems to lean more towards blocking than anything else I could think of.  Maybe I’m just trying to justify my inability to match today?

I have to take a moment and call attention to my necklace and earrings today- every good NOLA girl loves her fleur de lis and I’m certainly no exception.  Even with Saturday’s heartbreaking loss, I still wear my fleurs with pride.

Tell me, is there something that over the years has become synonymous with your hometown?

Although I know the true origin is French, everyone “knows” the fleur de lis represents Louisiana and more specifically New Orleans.  Fun fact: When our exterminator was last at our house, he noticed all the fleur de lis I have and wrote “WHO DAT” on the statement.


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30-something runner, triathlete and wannabe fashionista
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One Response to Color Block Twist

  1. Elizabeth says:

    So glad to learn you are a LA girl. Geaux Saints!!

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