Clear Lake International Tri

Even record breaking temperatures couldn’t stop the die-hards from racing Saturday.  The venue was Clear Lake/League City for a nice dip in the salt water, a ride with and against the ever present gulf breeze and 3 run loops made for spectators.

P1020493 clear lake start
With Jen at the start- squinty eyes are all the rage at 5AM

Rock star cheering squad of Mom and B.

SWIM- 1500 meters

P1020495 P1020496

I have no idea how B got this picture of me in the water, but I’m impressed- I guess the huge tri-tat of my race number helped, but still.  As for the other picture, check out the swim exit- yup, a 7 foot diving ladder.  Genius.

The swim was in Clear Lake which is funny because it’s not a lake and it’s certainly not clear.  It’s fed by the Gulf of Mexico and because we haven’t had any rain, it was pure salt water instead of the usual “brackish” (1/2 salt; 1/2 fresh) water.  It wasn’t that bad and I felt surprisingly strong on the swim considering I haven’t been swimming as much as I should be.

SWIM: 1500m/30:42/8 AG

T1: 1:19

BIKE- 25.9 miles 28 miles (oops-long course)

clear lake bike1

The bike course was a 2 loop ride around League City/Clear Lake.  This was a new course and I thought it was better than the previous years- at least the roads were better to ride on and there weren’t as many unprotected intersections.  The downside was having to cross the Kemah bridge twice- at least what goes up must come down.  The other downside to the venue for the race is the ever present gulf breeze- a welcome relief on the run but brutal as a head wind on the bike.  I was averaging 20.5 mph until I hit the last 4 miles of the course- ouch!

BIKE: 28 miles/1:28:53/18.9mph/5 AG

T2: 1:06 –1st in AG

RUN: 6.2 miles


The heat, oh the heat…that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.  The run was a triple loop course with not much shade.  It was good for spectators since they could stay in one place, but going up a grassy hill 3 times was not on my list of most favorite things to do.  I’m not sure what’s going on with my run in races lately.  I’m trying to figure it out, but for now, I’m stumped.  My training runs are great but race day greatness eludes me.  B did a great job of trying to capture my form throughout the race so I know what to work on.  So nice having a personal photographer!

RUN: 6.2miles/53:15/8:35 pace/3 in AG

Overall: 2:55:17/5 in AG (someone in my AG won the whole race)

This was my second time to race Clear Lake.  It’s a good race, and I’d definitely do it again.  Hopefully next year the temps won’t be as hot (we broke a record yesterday at 109).  It was lots of fun to have my mom and B out there cheering me on.  Congrats to my friend Jen on her 2nd place finish!


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One Response to Clear Lake International Tri

  1. Courtney says:

    Looks like a beautiful course! Way to keep strong during the heat.

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