Track Tuesday

WOW- what a difference 20 degrees makes!  After weeks of promising at least a little rain and coming up dry, the meteorologists finally got it right when they predicted some cooler morning temps this week!  I stepped outside this morning to a pleasant 62 degrees and couldn’t wait to hit the track!

Main Set:
6x 1200 @ tempo pace; 1 minute between each 1200 (avg 6:04/1200 or 8min/mile)
up to 10 min recovery
6x 100 @ interval pace; 100 recovery between each (each 100 was exactly 0:28- how’s that for pacing!)

After a little debate last night, B and I decided to drive to the track this morning and add any additional miles I needed to hit my target of 75 minutes for the day onto the end of the track workout.  It’s a good thing we planned that because we were of course running a little late!

I was so happy with my paces this morning- they weren’t necessarily faster than I’ve been running, but it FELT so much easier with the cooler temps and low humidity.  It was one of those mornings where I remembered why I love to run!  I felt like I could have kept going forever and I was holding 8:20’s and under the whole time.

Totals: 8.75miles/1:12:23/8:10 pace (to compare, I ran 8.31 in 1:15 last week when it was 103)

Happy Tuesday–and more importantly, Happy Pumpkin Spice Latte day!!! 🙂


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