Playing Dress Up

Outfit: J Crew
Belt: Banana Republic Outlet

If you’ve been around this blog before you know that I work in a very casual office.  I usually love that because it means if I feel like “dressing up” I can, but I’m not required to every day.  Last Wednesday, due to some bank meetings, I actually did have cause to “look the part” and wore a full suit despite the still 100 degree temps.  It worked thanks to the sleeveless shell and underground parking in downtown.

Tell me, if you aren’t required to wear business attire everyday, do you enjoy it on occasion?  Do you still feel like a kid playing dress up?

NOTE: Please pray for the firefighters, volunteers and families affected by/working to fight the TX wildfires.  We can see one of the smoke plumes from our office and it’s 30 miles away.


About fashionablemiles

30-something runner, triathlete and wannabe fashionista
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One Response to Playing Dress Up

  1. Mai says:

    Awesome belt. I’ve been wanting a neon colored belt, but have held back on buying because I’m just not sure what to pair it with!

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