HIM Training Week 2

Much delayed post- technical difficulties and then life interruptions.  Playing catch up now!  Week 2 was August 22-28.

I was happy to have hit almost all my workouts for this week.  I did skip Sunday’s recovery ride- mostly because I didn’t bother the look at the plan and realize I should have done it.  I’m really trying to get in a groove now since I know I’ll be out of town during some key training weeks and will need to get creative to get the miles in.

The key to a good training plan is flexibility.  For this week, I opted to shift Monday’s run to Tuesday morning to hit the track.  The reality is that I was absolutely exhausted Monday afternoon so I listened to my body and stayed home.  I was happy with the overall quality of my workouts this week, but I can definitely say I’m ready for the heat to break.

What are your best/favorite ways to hit your paces in the heat?









Bike: 60 min

Run: 60 min

Swim: 1800m

Track Run

Bike: 60 min

Swim: 2400m

Run: 45 min


Clear Lake Olympic Tri

Ride: 40 miles

Spin 60 min



6.2 mi/51 min

Spin 60 min


45 min






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