HIM Training Week 4

Week 4 was Sept 5-11th


Oh the best laid plans…the week started off perfect! Monday being a holiday meant I could hit the trail for my ride instead of the gym for spin (daylight= safety first) and it meant B could join me. We had a good time riding and then heading to the gym for some upper body weights.

The ever promised cool front finally hit on Tuesday morning which meant a track workout with temps in the lower 60’s and humidity around 50%- heavenly!! I felt like I could have kept running all morning and wasn’t even exerting myself that hard to hit the paces- there is hope yet for this marathon season!! A late start at the track didn’t leave me time for my swim before work so I shifted it to Wednesday following spin.

I wanted to do a long ride on Friday morning, but the plans got cancelled when wildfires in the area made the air quality so poor many were afraid to ride and get sick. Our weekend plans had us out of town for my usual Sat AM long ride, but I intended to get some much needed hill training accomplished when my bike had other notions. Once again plagued by tire issues, I only accomplished about ½ the ride, but felt great doing it and was holding a good pace I felt I could have kept for the entire ride. The bonus of being on a lake was an open-water swim Sunday morning. Overall, not what I hoped for the week, but not a total wash out.


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