Lake Weekend Fun

Taking advantage of the cooler morning temperatures and “sleeping in” late for a typical Saturday morning bike ride, I coerced everyone to join me for an “easy” ride in the rolling hills of East TX.  The goal was just to get some easy miles in and maybe a short run after.  I was actually shocked everyone was willing to join me, but thrilled to have them along for the ride.  About 1/2 mile in, someone told me to take the lead and set the pace since this was my workout.  After making sure they were serious, I did just that and ended up dropping 1/2 the group- oops!  Dave and I stayed together to the turn around point and just after pointing our bikes back towards home, the dreaded “POP”.

Torn tire, not just a tube.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t fix that with the gear on my bike.  That realization led to this:

Sitting under a tree (thankful for the shade) for an hour while Dave rode back to the start with the car key to pick up everyone else and then come get me.  Lesson learned, remind friends who haven’t ridden in a while how to be prepared.  (I was the only one with a phone and car key- minus 10 points.)   I made the most of my time on the side of a TX highway by tweeting and reading my kindle on my phone.

After recovering (aka eating) and after watching some college football, we headed outside for the afternoon.


See the beach where the kayaks are sitting, yeah, that’s not usually there- it’s the bottom of the lake.  The bright side of the water level being too low to get the big boats out?  A beach which apparently Luke enjoyed thoroughly.

Luke loves to swim, but only when he can walk into and out of the water on his own terms.  Swimming pools, won’t go near them.  Beaches and lakes, just try to stop him!

I got up Sunday morning and did an open water swim in the lake with Dave kayaking next to me so I didn’t get run over by motorized boats as I crossed the main channel.  I’m looking forward to going back to the lake in a month or so to swim in my wetsuit prior to Oilman 70.3.

All in all, weekend perfection.  What’s your favorite way to spend a casual weekend?


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