Norway- Day 1

Sunrise over the Atlantic or the Norwegian Sea or the North Sea–anyway, some where in the air between NY and Norway with no sleep but a big smile…

After all day/night travel which is typical when going “across the pond,” B and I forced ourselves to stay up to adjust to the time difference.

My first and most overwhelming observation about Norway- the PRICES!  This is seriously the most expensive place I’ve ever been.  It makes Hawaii, NY and London look cheap.  Someone mentioned the Big Mac index and it’s apparently a 1.9 or something here–basically, it’s about $16 for a big mac in Oslo.  So unless you want McD’s, you’re going to pay around $100 per meal- sans alcohol.

In an effort to explore without breaking our bank accounts, we stumbled upon Slottet Palace (the Royal Palace) during the changing of the guard.

Although still a ceremony, everything about it felt much more casual and relaxed than Buckingham Palace.  There’s no gate around the palace, in fact, the entire front of the palace is just a gravel lot.  It appears to be under renovation so prehaps the gravel will be sodded once that’s complete?  Funny story, apparently the royals come home when scheduled even if there’s a guard ceremony underway.  The motorcade just drove right through the small crowd gathered to watch the changing of the guards.

After watching the ceremony, we walked through downtown perhaps seeing the buildings hit by the recent bombs, but unsure due to so much construction in the area.  We wanted to see the water front and ended up on the popular Stranden.

This is where we discovered sitting even for a moment equaled sleep.  We forced ourselves to keep walking although in such a daze, I’m not sure what we saw.  It’s a shame to because this was one of the prettiest days Norway had in months!  After a quick dinner, B and I headed to bed early.


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