Track Tuesday Plus

Despite the warmer than preferred temperatures, it was nice to get back on the track this morning.  You’d think after living in the deep south most of my life, I would know better than to think it would be cooler by now, but somehow it still surprises me.  Given the warm temps and high humidity, the workout was shorter than it should be this time of year.

Warm up (.66 @ 9:03/mile)
4×300 at I pace with 100 jog between each (avg pace per set 7:17; 7:10; 7:12)
500 jog between each set
Cool down (.68 @ 8:43/mile)

Since I was planning to swim after track, I parked at the gym and ran to the track using that as my warm up and the return to the gym as my “cool down”.  It definitely wasn’t as comfortable holding my paces this morning as it was during our brief cool front or even last week in Norway, but I still felt pretty strong throughout the session which was another good confidence booster after my travel weeks.

TOTAL RUN: 4.70 miles/37:43/8:04 pace

My post run swim was surprisingly good.  My paces were a little slower than they had been,  but given I hadn’t been in the pool for ~1.5 weeks, I was ok with that.

2x 100 swim/100 kick/100 pull
150 pace
3x 50/100/150/200 with 10/20/30/40 sec rest
200 kick
200 pull

My 100s were around 1:55-2 min for this session which is about 5-10 sec slower than usual for me, but again, all in all the swim felt good and I was able to finish without feeling like my lungs would explode.  Confession: I like swimming a little later in the mornings- it’s a bit of an older crowd and they are so kind- today a man waited until I stopped between sets and complimented my swimming.  Wow, a bit humbling.  I can only hope I looked as good as he thought I did!

TOTAL SWIM: 2500 meters/~50 minutes (includes rest and equipment changes)

Happy Tuesday!!


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