HIM Training Week 6


Vacation success = training fail. Again, I knew this would happen, but I probably should have tried a little harder to do some things in the hotel gym. I knew once I saw the pool that swimming wasn’t an option- the pool was only 13 meters long!

Let’s talk about the upside of being in Norway for the week–new running trails and perfect temperatures!! On Wednesday I ran along the Akerselva. Apparently Norway has had an extremely wet summer so the river was flowing very swiftly and actually overflowing its banks in a few places. The trail was great (mostly paved, but some nice gravel sections) and given my starting location (hotel), I ran up river first which meant up hill. It was tough in some places on the way out (up), but even harder on the way back.

Thursday was our last full day in Norway so both B and I wanted to get out and explore on foot a little more. We had read about this great running destination (Bygdoy) and determined it was a mere 2.8 miles from the hotel. We laced up and headed out in the late afternoon/evening and had a blast exploring, snapping pictures and just enjoying the scenery and weather. The sunset was gorgeous and if it wasn’t for that we would have kept running for a least a few more miles.  I’ll post a separate entry with the pictures from this run.

After traveling all day Friday (11 hours on a plane, 15 including airports), I had high hopes of getting up Saturday to ride. Unfortunately that wasn’t meant to be so I just hit the trail by our house for another run (the weather in Houston was much nicer than it was when we left). I felt really good on all my runs this week which was nice considering I haven’t been running as much as usual lately and the runs I have done felt a little off due to the heat and humidity.

When I first put together my training plan, I put the Houston Tri on the schedule for this week; however, I had decided several weeks ago that it wasn’t a realistic plan. Just coming back from vacation with a 7 hour time difference wasn’t conducive to a productive race so I opted to skip this one and save the money.

There you have it, week 6 done- sort of.  Back in the saddle.


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2 Responses to HIM Training Week 6

  1. lindsay says:

    oh my gosh, thats rough. It takes a week just to adjust. Good call!

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