Photo Friday- Running Oslo

RunNorway 10             RunNorway 9

Run Norway1 RunNorway 3

RunNorway 1   RunNorway 8Run Norway Herbie  “HERBIE”

RunNorway 7

RunNorway 5   RunNorway 11 RunNorway 6   There are “Asics- Running Oslo” posters all over the city so we couldn’t resist this pic in the Central Station after our run (wish you could see our Asics).

RunNorway 12 The key to an 11 hour flight after running = compression socks!


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3 Responses to Photo Friday- Running Oslo

  1. Minna says:

    The weather looks great! and so refreshing it must have been great to run there!

  2. lindsay says:

    what a beautiful place! that is on my place to visit.

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