Track Tuesday (late post)

It’s been a busy week and we switched our track workouts from the mornings to the evenings so that’s my excuse for it being Friday and my just now posting Tuesday’s workout.  Yup, nothing to do with my being a slacker.  Nothing at all.

Tuesday’s workout was a good one and actually fit well with my scheduled run of 40 minutes.

Warm up
2x 800 @ I pace (7:18 avg)
3 min recovery
4x 400 @ I pace (7:03;6:58;7:04;6:59)
1 min recovery (done as 100’s)
8x 200 @ R pace (6:35; 6:42; 6:41; 6:30; 6:41; 6:38; 6:40; 6:30)
Cool down

Total: 5 miles; 37:45; 7:37 pace

I like it!  I thought I might struggle with the evening workout, and my legs did feel heavy when I started, but I was happy to see I was hitting my target paces throughout the workout.  I was especially pleased to keep up the pace at the end and to have done so with minimal breaks (water stops).

I’m enjoying running right now and am craving jumping fully into marathon mode…this might mean a slight change of plans so stay tuned…


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