Following my heart

After months of debate and following a training plan when I wasn’t even signed up for the race, I’ve decided NOT to race a 1/2 IM this year.  I’m not injured (thankfully), I just realized that my “A” goal right now is not to complete another 70.3 – it’s to qualify for Boston.  My heart belongs to running right now so that’s where I’m going to focus my efforts.  I’ve debated this decision, agonized over it even, but after this weekend’s 1/2 marathon, I know this is the right choice.

A wise friend kindly pointed out that my HIM training is not a waste as it provided me with a solid a base and good habit of cross training.  I think this was instrumental in my success in this weekend’s race.

So there you have it, sometimes a change of plans is just what the doctor ordered.  I’m extremely blessed to have great friends who have been truly supportive of me and my inevitable whining during the decision making process.  So, even with the new/faster requirements, look out Boston, I’m gunning for you!

Here’s a look back on my partial HIM training- I really did love my plan (with some modifications I made on the fly) and will try it again next season.
HIM Week 1
HIM Week 2
HIM Week 3
HIM Week 4
HIM Week 5
HIM Week 6

Happy Trails–and may your heart lead you happily toward your goals.


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