Track Tuesday

Yes, I’m posting Track Tuesday on a Friday.  WordPress and I have not been friends lately and it’s been eating my posts.  I’m trying to write this one in live writer and see if that helps.

Although most my “track group” have still been going in the morning, I have not been able to tear myself away from the pillow this week.  Thankfully B has been having the same issue so he joined me for my evening track session.  This was my first track session using my “new” VDOT obtained by my glorious PR on October 23rd (I’ve tried to post the race report 3 times- will try again later).

Warm Up (.56 miles @ 8:32)
2x 1600 @ T pace (goal 7:35)  7:19 ; 7:23
6-8 400 @ I pace (goal 6:50) 6:31; 6:20; 6:36; 6:26; 6:40; 6:41- I thought I did 7, but apparently I only did 6.  Oops.
2 x 1600 @ T pace 7:15; 7:27
Cool Down (.63 miles @ 8:18)

Totals: 7.7 miles/58:48/7:38 pace

Clearly I have some work to do on consistency- and possibly on keeping my paces closer to my goals but I’m really trying to just go with what feels good right now and not limit myself.  I know not to push too hard too fast and get injured, but it feels really good right now to be running strong at faster paces than I’ve maintained before.  Even though I’m not doing a 70.3 right now, I’m going to keep up my cross-training as I truly believe it’s made a huge difference in my running.

For you runners out there, do you get intimidated when you see a certain pace on your Garmin or do you just go with what feels good at the time?


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2 Responses to Track Tuesday

  1. Jenny says:

    I look forward to GETTING a Garmin! 🙂 I’m telling Eric about it for Christmas this year, for sure. Which model do you have vs. recommend? Great job again on your recent PR!!!

    • i have the forerunner 310xt. I got it when it first came out because it was the first Garmin that was truly waterproof (i.e. you could swim with it). It doesn’t do a great job in the water, but it means I don’t have to change watches for total time in tris. If you’re just going to use the Garmin for running or cycling, there are other options I’d recommend more–we’ll chat soon! 🙂

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