Old School

If I haven’t mentioned it before, I’ll say it now, our neighborhood is amazing!  Our neighbors are tons of fun and there’s always a laugh to be had.  Halloween is a classic example.  Our across the street neighbors absolutely love this holiday and have a big party every year.  They “require” costumes and will kindly dress you in something they have on hand if you don’t come in your own costume.  B and I had some great ideas of costumes for this year, but alas, time got away from us and we were left scrambling at the last minute.  Enter the pros of having a pack rat sentimental parent… um, junior high dance team uniform, sounds perfect.  A quick raid of an 8 year old’s bow collection, and I was ready to go.  B went with a good (and easy) standby, Carl Spackler from Caddyshack.

 Halloween 2011 v2Halloween 2011 couple

At some point in the evening, B found a stuffed toy that he passed off as a gopher.

Halloween 2011 b gopher 

Jake won the costume contest and was VERY excited about the victory–I’m pretty sure he regretted this maneuver in the morning- or maybe the 4 toe touches he did that I didn’t manage to capture in pics.  In case you’re wondering, no, there wasn’t a trampoline under him.

Halloween 2011 jake pike

And here I thought I was the “cheerleader.”

Hope you had a fun and happy Halloween!


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2 Responses to Old School

  1. LOVE you in your cheer uni!! I will have to remember that next year for a free/no effort costume! But let’s just address the real stunner here.. That dude’s toe touch is sick!!

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