Track Tuesday

I probably should have amended the title of this one to “solo track Tuesday.”  Due to an early work commitment, I couldn’t hit the track with the morning group so I went in the evening.  The weather was predicted to be bad so I guess everyone else made an effort to be there in the morning.  In case you’re wondering, solo track workouts aren’t that much fun- although watching the pro-looking sprinter at the track did distract me some.  That dude was FAST!

I struggled with ever feeling “good” during the run, but did manage to hit my scheduled paces.  I’m not sure if it’s just running more (and faster) or if it’s the time change, but my body has not been cooperating in the “feel” department lately.  I’m still finishing where I should be, but getting there is proving a bit of a struggle at the moment.

Warm Up (~.6 miles- unknown pace due to Garmin malfunction- it was slow but not the 20 min mile ‘Garmy’ claimed)
5x 1600 @ Tempo pace (7:38)- 7:25: 7:27; 7:33; 7:25; 7:25–  at least I was consistent!
4×200 @ I pace (6:55)- I was around 6:30-6:45 for each of these (will update when I download my watch)
Cool Down- i.e. run back to my office/car

Total: 7.6 miles/58:45/7:43 pace

Question of the day: Do you have workouts where you just feel off even though the numbers don’t indicate you were?


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