The Run Around

In lieu of Track Tuesday this week, I opted to run Monday evening with the City Centre Run Club and of course my favorite running partner, B.  The training plan he’s following (and the one I’m loosely following) for the Houston marathon in January called for some speed work and cruise miles.  I don’t know who named them “cruise” miles because they are run at a pace that’s anything but “cruising.”  Here’s what the schedule listed:

Warm Up (~15 minutes “easy” including 4x 100m strides)
2×1 mile cruise (plan= 7:15 pace)
4×800 SI (speed intervals= ~7 pace) – note, these are essentially Yasso 800’s
2x 1 mile cruise (again 7:15 pace)

I’m going to be honest, I had a complete melt-down around mile 2.5.  After Emily’s insightful post about pacing, I’ve completely changed my attitude about what I can and “can’t” do pace-wise.  I haven’t used the word “can’t” during a run since then, however on Monday, the word involuntarily spewed forth from my lips.  This time last year I was happy with paces close to 9 min/mile.  This year, my slowest run has been around 8:20/mile.  That’s a big drop- and one I have definitely worked for, but I also recognize my body needs some “recovery” days.  My husband needs/wants to train at race pace for the mental boost.  Training at race pace is like racing every weekend, and while SR dominates that schedule, I’m not there yet.  We did 16 miles over the weekend at an 8:16 pace, and my body just hasn’t adjusted to the new demands yet.

On Monday, my compromise was to just back off the pace for the cruise miles (he ran ahead).  I hit the targets for the 800’s, but was content to see 7:30-7:40 for the cruise miles.  Yes, that makes them tempo miles, and I’m ok with that.  I’ve gotten significantly faster over the past few months doing what I’m doing now so I’m going to continue to plug along, try to maintain a visual on my “rabbit” and enjoy the ride and view (he’s my husband, I can say that!).

RUN TOTAL: 8.25 miles/1:06:00/8:00 pace


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