Over the swamp and up the interstate

Yes, that’s a modern (and realistic) take on the old “over the river and through the woods” and I believe it accurately sums up my Thanksgiving break.  All 1200 miles of it.  To balance out the 20+ hours in the car, our adventures included 2 beautiful and scenic runs.

The first was a crisp and cool 12 miler on Thanksgiving morning in Baton Rouge.  Our schedule called for some tempo/cruise intervals so we headed to the path around the lake just off LSU’s campus.
TOTAL: 12 miles/1:35:23/7:56 pace

After re-fueling with homemade waffles (thanks, Mom), we hit the road again to continue north to Starkville stopping at a rest area along the way to eat lunch.  We made it to Starkville just before dark and quickly realized the flaw in our plan- we had nothing to eat for dinner!  We picked B’s dad up and headed to the grocery and quickly pulled together a delicious, non-traditional meal.

Friday we loaded up again and headed to B’s sister’s house for family thanksgiving lunch.  It was a good time and everyone had a good laugh over the fact that even though the “kids” aren’t little anymore, the table still is.

Saturday morning we headed to the White’s and the weekly Boardtown Runner’s run.  The group was doing 16, but we were able to find a few who were willing to add on with us to get the 20 our schedule called for.  This run was a mental test in places with some hills, some thick gravel and a late mile head wind, but overall it was a great run.
TOTAL: 20 miles/2:45:13/8:15 pace

That evening, we headed to David Wade Stadium at Scott Field for the annual battle of the Golden Egg- aka the Egg Bowl.  Once again, MSU was victorious making it 3 in a row over TSUN.  In case you don’t follow SEC football and the impact of social media, yes, this really is our endzone:

Sunday we packed up and hit the road early in an attempt to beat some of the traffic back to Houston.  All in all we were successful only having to take 1 minor detour just inside the TX border.   Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend!!



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4 Responses to Over the swamp and up the interstate

  1. all right well one more person I’ll be chasing in Houston 🙂 I love reading everyone’s training because it inspires me to know I can get faster! glad you had a great holiday weekend

  2. Corey says:

    So glad you found me through Amanda and now I have found your blog! You will crush that PR with those training paces! Wow! Looking forward to following your training (and cute outfits) until Houston and hopefully meeting you there!

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