Walk the Line

  12.4.11 outfit2 12.4.11 outfit3

Jacket + Belt: Banana Republic
Shirt + Necklace: J Crew
Jeans: Hudsons via The Warehouse Sale
Necklace (worn as bracelet): H&M
Earrings (and shorter necklace you can’t really see): Andrea Montgomery Designs

I feel like that’s what we do here in the south in the fall/winter- walk the line between seasons both with the weather and then naturally with our clothing.  Exhibit A, this outfit.  I wore this on Sunday to church and by 2pm, the temperature had dropped 20 degrees. I had to change into a sweater and rainboots for the Nordstrom Holiday Party. 

I tried to look through my old posts/pictures to make sure I haven’t posted this outfit before, but if I did, oops.  As you can tell,  I re-wear.  Particularly this jacket.  I almost didn’t buy it (3 years ago), but now it’s my go-to jacket that seems to coordinate with everything.  Funny how that works, sometimes impulse buys turn out to be the best things in your closet.

Friendly plug:  If you’re looking for the perfect gift for that special lady on your Christmas list, please check out Andrea’s jewelry.  Her stuff is almost as amazing as she is in real life.  She’s got lots of great new pieces that are both beautiful and unique (and handmade).  (No, Andrea didn’t pay me or give me jewelry for that endorsement- I just love her stuff and love helping out friends/small businesses).

Happy Holiday Shopping!


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