Short Week, Long Run

Dear Peak Week,
You were everything I imagined you’d be and then some.  You managed to happen in both marathon training and work at the same time- coordination must be you middle name.  Thank you for being OVER and for leaving me with a trashed desk and the appetite of a teenage boy. 
Love, Holly

Only 4 weeks until the Houston Marathon and even though we have another 20 miler this weekend, we’re still “over the hump” of peak week.  Crazy!  It’s been a great training cycle so far, and I’m both excited and a little nervous to see how it all pans out on January 15th. 

Weekly Recap:

Saturday: Wilchester 5K 
I don’t usually count the previous Saturday in my ‘week,’ but since it included a race and started the craziness, I thought it deserved mention.  Accidentally’ PR’d a 5K which only means I need to actually race one sometime soon and get a good time to use as my baseline.  Fun Saturday morning fundraising run in the neighborhood.
5K: 3.15 miles/22:59/7:16 pace

Sunday: Sugar Land Finish Line Sports 30K 
All along we planned to use this race as a test for our marathon goal pace.  We successfully did that and had a really good run.  I’ve been trying to write a recap, but haven’t gotten it done yet.  I had a few stomach issues, but managed to finish strong in spite of them. 
30K (18.6 officially, 18.8 Garmin)/2:32:54/8:13 (official), 8:08 (Garmin)

Monday: unplanned rest day
I was actually going to get up and hit the early morning spin class to flush my legs out from the weekend, but some work issues were pressing so I just headed to the office extra early and stayed late.  In hind sight, I think the rest day was just what my body needed to keep going for the rest of the week.

Tuesday: 10-12 miles- 8.5 miles
We shifted Monday’s run to Tuesday morning since after racing twice over the weekend, I wasn’t feeling up to a track workout.  It was good to get moving and work out the kinks in my legs, but I never did really feel “comfortable” during this run. 
8.5 miles/1:11/8:28 pace

Wednesday: cross-train (spin, weights, core)
Even though I knew I didn’t have time for the entire class, I’m glad I made the effort to spin for at least a little while.  I’ve really enjoyed keeping spin in my routine this training cycle.  I did my standard core/PT routine after ducking out of spin early along with a few quick upper body weights.  I rushed home to get ready for the office and the final push to have everything ready for Thursday’s Board meeting.

Thursday: tempo/speed/cruise 
I have to thank my husband for this run, I wouldn’t have made it out the door without his (gentle) prodding.  I was exhausted and didn’t think I could walk 1 more step let along try to run almost 12 miles at any sort of decent pace.  I knew I’d agonize over skipping the run and the thought of doing it solo or on the treadmill wasn’t very appealing.  After lots of grumbling and complaining, we finally hit the trail.  I ended up cutting the run 1 mile short, but managed to pull off a decent session considering all the external factors. 
11.5 miles/1:31:05/7:54 pace

Friday: rest/strength
I met Batch at the gym during lunch, and we did a good upper body weights circuit.  I love lifting with him since he pushes me to do all my sets and helps me think of different exercises to sub in so I mix things up.  After the weights, I did my PT/core exercises before heading back to the office.

Saturday: LONG run
It had been a long week.  We’d already run a lot of miles.  It was windy.  The couch was comfortable.  And yet, we still managed to finally get out the door (by 7am) for our longest run of the training cycle- 22 miles.  The weather was significantly cooler than for Thursday’s run which was welcome for the distance.  There were several large training groups out on the trail so even though Batch and I weren’t part of them, we still felt a camaraderie having so many running with the same goal.  I’d specifically request a slightly slower pace than we’ve been holding for our long runs and B graciously agreed.  Overall I felt pretty good on this run which was a welcome feeling given my struggles earlier in the week.  I’m very happy to have this run complete and will be jumping for joy after next weekend’s final 20 miler. 
22 miles/3:05:46/8:26 pace

Sunday: rest
After church, I literally only left the couch for necessary reasons.  I needed a good lazy restful day.

Run: 63.5 miles
Spin: 40 minutes
Strength: 1.5 times
Core/PT: 2.5 times

Merry Christmas week peeps!!


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4 Responses to Short Week, Long Run

  1. Corey says:

    Wow! Impressive week! You have trained hard and no doubt you will see the results on January 15th! I have my final 20 miler this week and am ready to taper as well!

  2. some of us are organizing a meet up for houston. if you want to join just shoot me an email!
    amandacbrooks at yahoo

    I did 18 this weekend…but i won’t lie i’m still nervous 🙂 6 marathons in I shouldn’t be, right?!

    • will do- would love to meet up!! looking forward to the race! 🙂
      oh, and i’m with you on being nervous before EVERY race even the small/shorter ones. i’m keeping it under control so far but i’m sure next week will be a different story- work is keeping me distracted right now.

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