Boot Challenge- Day 4

1.6.12 outfit 1   1.6.12 outfit 2

Jacket: GAP outlet (old)
Dress: Target
Belt: Anthropologie
Boots: Nine West
Necklaces: J Crew

Not the greatest pictures in the world, but you can’t win them all.  I couldn’t decide which way I like the outfit best (belt under or over the jacket) so I took a picture both ways.  Pictures don’t lie, belt over the jacket for the win.

Unfortunately, I don’t have tons of fabulous things to say about how I came up with this outfit since it was basically just a grab and go day.  I do love dresses for those situations.  No need to figure out a top and bottom, it’s all one piece.  Dressing made simple.

You might have noticed not many heels being worn on the blog lately.  I’ve got a little race coming up in a few days so I’ve been trying to be kind to my legs and feet by wearing less offensive shoes.  Don’t worry, heels will return- in about a week.

What’s your opinion- belt over the jacket or under?


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30-something runner, triathlete and wannabe fashionista
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2 Responses to Boot Challenge- Day 4

  1. kilax says:

    I think the belt looks better under, but when it’s over, it defines your waist more, which I like. Jeez! I am really a lot of help, aren’t I?

    Whichever way, you are super cute and very fashionable!

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