2012 Olympic Trials

WOW! The #Houston2012 Trials were AMAZING!

Batch and I met up with Amanda (and her husband David), Corey, Terzah, Laura and Kellie (my picture of the group was awful so ladies, please send one my way) and huddled together against the 30 degree morning air. From our viewing/cheering location, we would see the runners come by 4 times- miles 2, 10, 18 and 26.

Mile 2:

1.14.2012 Men Mile 2

Men’s lead pack – Ryan Hall in the lead.

1.14.2012 Women Mile 2 1.14.2012 Women Mile 2_2

Women’s lead is more of a cluster at this point, but Desi is slightly in front.

MILE 10:

1.14.2012 Men MILE 10 time 1.14.2012 Men MILE 10 lead pack approach 1.14.2012 Men MILE 10 lead pack close

1.14.2012 Women Mile 10 time 1.14.2012 Women Mile 10 lead pack1.14.2012 Women Mile 10 lead pack_2


1.14.2012 Men Mile 18 time 1.14.2012 Men Mile 18 top 3

We opted to go get our race packets after the men came through at 18, so we missed the women. It was nice to fly through an expo and still see everything, but I did miss seeing the women up close one more time. After retrieving our packets we decided to stay close to the finish line rather than try to get back to our previous locale. It was too crowded to get good pictures of the men’s finish, but we did see it and Meb was FIRED up! So awesome to watch!! We had better luck with the women’s finish:

1.14.2012 Women Shaledne winning

Shalane for the win!

1.14.2012 Women Desi finishing

Desi with a strong 2nd! Kara was solid at 3rd, but my picture of her is blocked by a tall guy stepping in front of my camera- oops. Good think I stuck around for their victory walk:

1.14.2012 Olympic Women

Congrats ladies, very solid performance! Looking forward to seeing what Team USA can do in #London2012!

And this one is my personal shout out to Deena Kastor. There’s something about following the career of someone who’s very close to your own age and watching what they are still accomplishing! Congrats on a great performance today, Deena! (She was enjoying every minute of the finishers chute- waving to the crowds and smiling the whole way.)

1.14.2012 Women Deena finishing

I’m inspired and fired up for tomorrow’s race. Eyes on the prize…eyes on the prize.


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8 Responses to 2012 Olympic Trials

  1. Laura says:

    So great to meet you today!! That was the perfect motivation to run hard tomorrow…. although my legs were a little tired from standing around all morning. 🙂 I’ll be watching for you around 3:30… you’ve got this!! (Btw, I have an okay picture, I’m happy to share it if you want to pass along your email!)

  2. Laura says:

    Hey Holly! Wondering how your race went… I was watching for all the bloggers, but only saw two go by. Sounds like both Terzah and Corey had great races, but missed their goal time by about 3 minutes!

  3. Kellie says:

    Great meeting you on Saturday, Holly! The trials were so amazing and you got some awesome pics. I’ll be sure to post mine soon!

  4. kilax says:

    So so cool that you got to see them in person! I hope your race was great yesterday!

  5. Page says:

    Anxiously awaiting your race recap 🙂

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