The Birthday Blowout

A couple of “disclaimers” before I get started on this post:
1.  Do not read this post while hungry
2.  I’d need my own zip code if I ate like this regularly 
3.  The leftovers were just as good the next day

For my birthday last week, Batch made reservations at a local restaurant we hadn’t tried before- Two Saints.  He reserved the Chef’s table and also let them know about my food allergies.  The chef was happy to accept the challenge and modified several of their normal menu items to be “Holly friendly” (aka gluten and soy free).  The following are the 10, yes 10, courses we feasted on.  I HIGHLY recommend Two Saints if you’re in the Houston area.  Delicious!

In order served:

2.2.2012 salmon cheesecake 
Salmon Cheesecake on Gluten Free crackers

2.2.2012 2 three chz mac 
Three Cheese Macaroni with jalapenos, bacon and prawns (rice pasta)

2.2.2012 3 bacon stuffed quail 
Bacon wrapped stuffed quail (substituted stuffing for wild rice) with jalapeno honey glaze

2.2.2012 4 garlic pesto mussels 
Garlic pesto mussels (I’ve NEVER like mussels before these!)

2.2.2012 5 eggplant napolian 
Eggplant Napoléon- aka all my favorites on one plate!

2.2.2012 6 pasta julian 
“Pasta” Julian- zucchini julienned into “noodles” to replace pasta

2.2.2012 7 spinach blue cheese beef pinwheel 
Spinach/blue cheese stuffed beef tenderloin with red pepper aioli

2.2.2012 8 salmon quinoa zucchini 
Grilled salmon with quinoa pilaf and zucchini

2.2.2012 9 seafood chowder with lobster 
Seafood chowder with lobster tail

2.2.2012 10 creme brulee 
Happy Birthday Crème Brule

BTW, Two Saints is BYOB, so we dug into our “cellar” and found this treasure:

2.2.2012 WINE

I was definitely feeling fat, happy, and thoroughly spoiled!


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3 Responses to The Birthday Blowout

  1. Terzah says:

    So unfair to show all those tantalizing food pictures! I haven’t had a meal like that since our fifth anniversary two years ago…..Happy Birthday!

    • At least I gave you a little warning 🙂 It was one of the best dinners I’ve ever had. So fun to know I could eat everything I was served without worrying if it had something I shouldn’t eat included.

  2. Corey says:

    Oh my goodness. So much yummy food! I will definitely have to keep that place in mind next time I am in Houston!!

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